A new species of Striatibotrys from Asturias (Spain), S. asturiensis

Lechat C., Hairaud M., Rubio E.

Vol. 9 (5) – 27 September 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0209

 Open Access


Abstract: A detailed description of Striatibotrys asturiensis sp. nov. is presented, based on a collection on dead stems of Veratrum album (Melanthiaceae) in Asturias (Spain). The fungus was cultured and sequenced; no asexual morph was obtained in culture but molecular data place this species in Striatibotrys Lombard & Crous (Lombard et al., 2016). This species resembles S. oleronensis (Lechat, Hairaud & Lesage-Meessen) Lombard & Crous but differs from it in having glabrous ascomata and larger ascospores surrounded by a wide gelatinous sheath

After an 18 km climb through the Saliencia Valley in the Natural Park of Somiedo, the 1708 meters high Alto de la Farrapona allows a passage to the Castile y Leon region. The geological patchwork around the Alto results in a highly valuable botanical diversity. The authors of the present paper have regularly been collecting Ascomycota since 2008 in this legendary site [...]

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