Lamprospora pseudoarvensis sp. nov. (Pezizales) – a lookalike tracked down
By Vega M., Eckstein J., Friebes G., Tena Lahoz R., Gube M.

Vol. 9 (5) – 27 September 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0207

 Open Access


Abstract: Lamprospora pseudoarvensis is described as a new species based on ecology, morphology and phylogenetic analyses. Differences from other bryophilous Pezizales occuring on species of Pleuridium are discussed as well as differences from morphologically similar bryophilous Pezizales. New statements on L. dicranellae are reported. A dichotomous key to L. pseudoarvensis and similar species is given

This article is a sequel to Vega et al. (2013) which dealt with collections of Lamprospora arvensis (Velen.) Svrček. Vega et al. (2013: 506) already discussed collections from Spain and Portugal which differed from the species concept of L. arvensis not only by infecting another host [...]