Further interesting lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain), with three new species and notes on Mixtoconidium

VanDenBoom P.P.G., Etayo J.

Vol. 9 (4) – 19 July 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0205

 Open Access


Abstract: Fifty-two taxa of lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) are presented as a result of recent fieldwork. For each taxon, information about habitat and substrata is given. Forty-seven species are newly recorded from the island, including the rare lichenicolous fungi Arthonia follmanniana and Stigmidium epistigmellum, the latter previously only known from America, and three new species described here: Lecania euphorbiae, Staurothele alboterrestris and Stigmidium seirophorae. The new combination Variospora fuerteventurae is proposed for Caloplaca fuerteventurae. In a revision of the genus Mixtoconidium the new combinations Mixtoconidium insidens and M. nashii are proposed

Fuerteventura has like the other Canary Islands a high biodiversity in lichenized and lichenicolous fungi. Van den Boom & Etayo (2006) presented a checklist with 189 taxa and reported another 98 taxa for the first time from the island. In addition, they described four species from the island as new for science. A more recent checklist [...]

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