Typification of Gyromitra perlata, type-species of the subgenus Discina (Discinaceae)
By Van Vooren N.

Vol. 9 (2) – 25 February 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0196

 Open Access


Abstract: Peziza perlata Fr., basionym of Gyromitra perlata, is the type-species of the subgenus Discina. As many old names attached to supposed well-known species, its type is not clearly defined. Based on a sample from Fries’ herbarium, we propose the neotypification of this name to fix the main morphological and microscopic characters of the species

Gyromitra perlata (Fr. : Fr.) Harmaja is a widespread vernal cup-fungus, easily determinable thanks to its morphology and microscopic characters, especially its apiculate ascospores (conical-shaped). This species is often cited in mycological literature under this name [...]