Four new species of Ijuhya (Bionectriaceae) from Belgium, metropolitan France and French Guiana

Lechat C., Fournier J.

Vol. 9 (1) – 07 January 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0195

 Open Access


Abstract: Four new species of Ijuhya are described and illustrated based on material collected in Belgium, metropolitan France and French Guiana. The four new species described herein were sequenced and one of them was successfully cultured. They are placed in the Bionectriaceae based on ascomata not changing colour in 3% KOH or lactic acid, acremonium-like asexual morph and phylogenetic affinities of LSU sequences with five morphologically related genera of the Bionectriaceae. Their placement in Ijuhya is based on morphological and phylogenetic comparison with the most similar genera including Lasionectria and Lasionectriella. An updated dichotomous key to Ijuhya is presented

In the continuity of a survey of hypocrealean fungi in temperate and neotropical areas, four new species of Ijuhya Starbäck were collected on Cornus sanguinea L. and on old stromata of Eutypa lata [...]

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