Barssia peyronelii comb. nov. (Pezizales) for the old Mattirolo’s species Stephensia peyronelii

Agnello C., Kaounas V.

Vol. 9 (1) – 07 January 2017

doi: 10.25664/art-0192

 Open Access


Abstract: Thanks to the study of the original material of Stephensia peyronelii Mattir., recently discovered in the herbarium of the university of Turin, we propose a new combination in the genus Barssia. The work is accompanied by micrographs, an old plate by O. Mattirolo and an updated key to the genus Barssia

In a recent article we described the new species Barssia hellenica Kaounas, Agnello, P. Alvarado & Slavova (Kaounas et al., 2015). We also reported the absence of original material of Stephensia peyronelii Mattir. after the information given [...]

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