New records of two pyrophilous ascomycetes from Siberia: Pyropyxis rubra and Rhodotarzetta rosea

Filippova N., Bulyonkova T., Lindemann U.

Vol. 8 (4) – 08 July 2016

doi: 10.25664/art-0181

 Open Access


Abstract: The paper reports the first findings of Pyropyxis rubra and Rhodotarzetta rosea from Asian Russia (West Siberia). The ecological conditions, i.e. vegetation, substrates and phenology of both species are described and compared with earlier publications. Also the morphological characteristics are described and depicted by photographic images and the differences between these quite similar species are highlighted. P. rubra has been cultivated in vitro. The paper provides descriptions of the anamorphic stage and culture growth on different media


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