Studies on Hypoxylon ferrugineum (Xylariaceae), a rarely reported species collected in the urban area of Graz (Austria)
By Friebes G., Wendelin I.

Vol. 8 (3) – 05 May 2016

doi: 10.25664/art-0175

 Open Access


Abstract: Hypoxylon ferrugineum has been collected repeatedly on branches of Tilia in the urban area of Graz. It is described and illustrated based on this newly collected material as well as the previously known collections from Austria. An overview of the known distribution of H. ferrugineum is given. Its ecology, host specificity, and some newly observed as well as previously rarely reported morphological characters are discussed. Hypoxylon ferrugineum appears to be a distinct and well-characterized species based on morphology as well as the results of phylogenetic analyses of β-Tubulin, α-Aktin, and ITS sequences