Freshwater Ascomycetes: Submersisphaeria aquatica (Annulatascaceae), reported for the first time from France (Morvan) and from Europe

Fournier J., Gardiennet A., Lechat C.

Vol. 8 (2) – 15 March 2016

doi: 10.25664/art-0172

 Open Access


Abstract: A distinctive aquatic fungus belonging to the Sordariomycetes was recently collected twice on submerged wood in a peat bog and in a small brook in Morvan region (France). Based on its more or less immersed perithecial and ostiolate ascomata, cylindrical unitunicate asci with a massive inamyloid apical apparatus and brown, two-celled fusiform ascospores with small bipolar cap-like appendages, this fungus was identified as Submersisphaeria aquatica K.D. Hyde. This species, so far known only from Australia and USA, is reported from France and Europe for the first time. Herein, we provide a detailed morphological description of this fungus and compare it with material from the USA. The presence of minute germ pores beneath the bipolar appendages of the ascospores is assessed for the first time, in American and European material as well. Repeated attempts to grow the ascospores in culture on artificial media were unsuccessful


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