Some Annulohypoxylon spp. (Xylariaceae) from French Guiana, including three new species

Fournier J., Lechat C.

Vol. 8 (1) – 16 February 2016

doi: 10.25664/art-0169

 Open Access


Abstract: This survey deals with Annulohypoxylon spp. collected in two French Guiana locations during two weeks in June 2012. Two species, A. leptascum var. macrosporum and A. stygium, previously reported, were collected. In addition, we collected A. moriforme s.l., A. purpureopigmentum (first collected in Brazil), and three new species, A. fulvum, A. nouraguense and A. subnitens. All species are described and illustrated; a dichotomous key is provided. In conclusion, some problems in description of morphological features of Annulohypoxylon, especially the ostiolar discs, are discussed


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