Phylacia korfii sp. nov., a new species of Phylacia (Xylariaceae) from French Guiana, with notes on three other Phylacia spp.

Fournier J., Lechat C.

Vol. 7 (6) – 30 November 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0154

 Open Access


Abstract: During a field trip to French Guiana in June 2012, a distinctive species of Phylacia was collected. It appeared to differ from all known species by significantly larger and pear-shaped ascospores and thus it is described as the new taxon P. korfii J. Fourn. & Lechat. We also noticed the presence of a germ slit on ascospores and we observed that fragments of the stromatal crust yielded pigments in 10% KOH, two characters so far rarely or not documented in this genus. Similar investigations carried out on three other Phylacia spp. showed that recording these characters is taxonomically relevant and should facilitate a better appraisal of the known species and the segregation of new taxa


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