“MolliBase”, a new sequence database including unidentified Mollisia and its allied genera

Hosoya T., Jinbo U., Tsujino N., Tanney J.

Vol. 7 (6) – 30 November 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0153

 Open Access


Abstract: Mollisia and its allied genera are known to occur worldwide as saprophytes and are easily cultured, but difficult to identify. They are also known as root endophytes, but a lack of morphological characteristics of endophytic isolates makes their identification challenging. To facilitate connecting apothecial morphology with isolates based on sequence data, a new database called MolliBase was designed. The database provides photographs of apothecia, line drawings of apothecial elements, sequences obtained from the culture, and specimen and culture information. Initially, a dataset comprising 51 specimens from Japan is released


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