The British species of Otidea (2) O. alutacea and related taxa

Parslow M., Spooner B.

Vol. 7 (6) – 30 November 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0150

 Open Access


Abstract: The typification of Peziza alutacea Pers., the basionym of Otidea alutacea, is discussed, together with an analysis of British collections of O. alutacea and related taxa. Amongst British collections of O. alutacea sensu lato at least four closely related phylogenetic taxa are present. One of the latter is morphologically indistinguishable from that referred to O. alutacea sensu stricto by Olariaga et al. (2015), two others have smaller spores than those of the epitype designated by Carbone (2011), but are indistinguishable from each other except for subtle difference in hymenium colour. One taxon is morphologically distinct from the epitype in spore size range and in hymenium colour. An ITS sequence from a British collection is identical to those of clade 1 of Olariaga et al. (loc. cit.). This clade is strongly supported within the O. alutacea complex and warrants recognition at varietal level. It is described here as O. alutacea var. parvispora. In addition, the interpretations of O. felina and of O. alutacea var. microspora are considered, and an aberrant specimen with ovoid spores belonging to a fourth clade is reported. A lectotype is selected for O. alutacea var. microspora


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