Pezizaceae taxonomy and classification: Boudier, Cooke and Korf

Pfister D.

Vol. 7 (6) – 30 November 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0145

 Open Access


Abstract: Richard Korf is an important figure in the study of discomycetes. His contribution as teacher and scholar in relationship to Boudier’s masterwork, the Icones Mycologicae, is commented upon particularly in regard to the classifications used for the Pezizaceae. Although it has been common practice to recognize a single genus Peziza for most of the species in the Pezizaceae, molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that the genus Peziza is diverse and is not monophyletic. Boudier’s classification shows a more accurate picture of the diversity within the family than later classifications. Comments on the Icones and Cooke’s Mycographia are included as they relate to graduate training and opportunities offered by Richard Korf in his long career as a teacher


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