An update of Podospora sect. Podospora, with first descriptions from Italy of P. appendiculata and P. perplexens
By Doveri F.

Vol. 7 (2) – 02 April 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0127

 Open Access


Abstract: A survey of coprophilous fungi from Italy has allowed the author to recognise nineteen Podospora species, three (P. fimiseda, P. appendiculata and P. perplexens) belonging to section Podospora, whose main morphological features are mentioned and also examined in the light of recent molecular studies. P. appendiculata and P. perplexens are described for the first time from Italy and compared with P. fimiseda, which has frequently been collected and described by the author. The three species are also compared with others in sect. Podospora, and a key to the section is provided. Species currently excluded from sect. Podospora are also discussed