Preliminary phylogenetic and morphological studies in the Plectania melastoma lineage (Ascomycota, Pezizales)
By Carbone M., Loizides M., Alvarado P.

Vol. 7 (1) – 10 February 2015

doi: 10.25664/art-0123

 Open Access


Abstract: Phylogenetic studies conducted on one collection from Greece and two from Cyprus, the latter morphologically matching Plectania zugazae and Plectania melastoma respectively, reveal that the delimitation of these two species is still far from clear. The authors choose to keep the two species separate on phylogenetic and microscopic basis only. The presence of P. zugazae is confirmed for the first time for Cyprus and Greece and only for the second time worldwide. Useful macro- and microscopic pictures are provided and a tentative key of the accepted Plectania species is proposed