The genus Polycephalomyces (Hypocreales) in the frame of monitoring Veternica cave (Croatia) with a new segregate genus Perennicordyceps

Matočec N., Kušan I., Ozimec R.

Vol. 6 (5) – 18 December 2014

doi: 10.25664/art-0114

 Open Access


Abstract: During the regular biospeleological monitoring in the Veternica cave (Mt. Medvednica, Croatia), particular synnematous entomogenous fungus parasitizing on an imago of the subtroglophilic fly Heteromyza sp. have been found. Specimens found in the dark zone of the cave were sampled, microclimate data were recorded and photo documentation performed. The fungus was identified as Polycephalomyces ramosus. Detailed description, based on living material, supplemented with drawings and photographs is given. Microscopic study includes morphological, histo- and cyto-chemical data in order to improve future diagnostics on generic and species level. The new genus Perennicordyceps is described to accommodate four species of Polycephalomyces with superficial perithecia and hirsutella-like or acremonium-like anamorphs. A key to the species of Perennicordyceps gen. nov. and Polycephalomyces is provided. Remarks on life history and ecology on both genera are discussed


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