Novel collections of Zeus olympius and Cosmospora ganymede (Ascomycota) from Bulgaria and Greece

Stoykov D.Y., Assyov B., Alexov R., Grazdilov K.

Vol. 6 (4) – 17 October 2014

doi: 10.25664/art-0103

 Open Access


Abstract: First Bulgarian records of Zeus olympius and Cosmospora ganymede, two unusual ascomycetes, described and so far known only from a single locality in Greece, are reported. Zeus olympius is related to Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) and Cosmospora ganymede is associated with dead ascomata of the former. Newly collected specimens of both species from the locus classicus on the Mt Olympus, and of Z. olympius from Mt Pindus were also examined. Description of the Bulgarian and Greek materials is provided, including data from in vivo study, supplemented with illustrations of macroscopic and microscopic features, including the first colour photographs of C. ganymede. Germination of ascospores of Z. olympius was observed for the first time. The new collections significantly extend the geographic area of those apparently endemic ascomycetes. We also provide the first record of Z. olympius on artificially planted P. heldreichii outside its natural range


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