Studies in Trichaleurina (Pezizales). Type studies of Trichaleurina polytricha and Urnula philippinarum. The status of Sarcosoma javanicum, Bulgaria celebica, and Trichaleurina tenuispora sp. nov., wi

Carbone M., Wang Y.Z., Huang C.L.

Vol. 5 (5) – 22 December 2013

doi: 10.25664/art-0088

 Open Access


Abstract: The original material of Trichaleurina polytricha and Urnula philippinarum housed in the Herbarium of the Swedish Museum of Natural History (S) was examined. The results of the morphological study prove they are synonyms of Trichaleurina javanica. The status of Sarcosoma javanicum and Bulgaria celebica are investigated, and a new species, Trichaleurina tenuispora, is proposed to replace one of the different interpretations of B. celebica. The anamorphic genus Kumanasamuha is discussed as well. Color pictures of dried and fresh specimens and microscopic characters are provided


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