Patinella hyalophaea Sacc. – Rediscovered in New Brunswick, Canada

Baral H.-O., Carter A.

Vol. 5 (3) – 18 May 2013

doi: 10.25664/art-0083

 Open Access


Abstract: Patinella hyalophaea (type species of Patinella) is redescribed from the type material from Italy and from a recent collection from Canada. Further records of this apparently rare species could not be traced. Its ecological amplitude involves decorticated branches of both angio- (Fagus) and gymnosperms in montane, humid beech forests mixed with conifers. A possible adaptation to flooding by streams is discussed. The affinities of Patinella within the Helotiales are unsettled, whereas an earlier proposed relation to the Orbiliomycetes based on the capitate paraphyses is considered as quite improbable


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