Discomycètes rares ou remarquables récoltés en 2011. 2e partie : Helotiales

Van Vooren N.

Vol. 4 (5) – 22 October 2012

doi: 10.25664/art-0072

 Open Access


Abstract: Presentation and illustration of inoperculate discomycetes, collected during the year 2011, considered rare or noticeable. This second part deals with taxa belonging to the order Helotiales: Chloroscypha alutipes, Hymenoscyphus laetus, H. sulphuratus, H. sp., Ombrophila janthina, Pycnopeziza sejournei, Pyrenopeziza inapiculata and P. thalictri. Hymenoscyphus eichleri is proposed as a new combination


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