Discomycètes rares ou remarquables récoltés en 2011. 1re partie : Pezizales

Van Vooren N.

Vol. 4 (3) – 20 June 2012

doi: 10.25664/art-0064

 Open Access


Abstract: Discomycetes collected during the year 2011 and considered as rare or noticeable are presented and illustrated. This first part deals with taxa belonging to the order Pezizales: Anthracobia tristis, Ascobolus behnitziensis, Boudiera acanthospora, Byssonectria terrestris, Geopora cervina, Helvella albella, Helvella atra, Iodophanus testaceus, Leucoscypha patavina, Melastiza flavorubens, Peziza acroornata, Peziza depressa, Scutellinia cejpii, Scutellinia decipiens, Sowerbyella radiculata and Thecotheus rivicola. Two critical collections are also presented under the provisional names Peziza limnaea f. brunneoparaphysata and Spooneromyces aff. laeticolor


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