The genus Otidea. VI. Otidea felina and its interpretations

Van Vooren N., Carbone M.

Vol. 4 (2) – 05 April 2012

doi: 10.25664/art-0063

 Open Access


Abstract: Otidea felina is one of the oldest names in the genus Otidea. Described by Persoon with only a short diagnosis and without illustration, it has been interpreted in several ways by successive authors. Until now, most collections of Otidea with fulvous or ochraceous tinges and with small spores have been named O. felina, perpetuating the confusion around this name. To clarify the situation, we had the opportunity to revise the type collection of Peziza felina Pers. as well as other collections named O. felina. We discovered that the holotype is, in fact, an immature specimen of O. alutacea. The identification of other revised collections is also revealed


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