The genus Peziza Dill. ex Fr. (Pezizales, Ascomycota) in Israel
By Barseghyan G.S., Wasser S.P.

Vol. 2 (4) – 15 February 2011

doi: 10.25664/art-0037

 Open Access


Abstract: Species diversity for Peziza in Israel is presented. The 25 Peziza species recorded from Israel include P. alaskana, P. ammophila, P. badia, P. badiofusca, P. brunneoatra, P. cerea, P. cervina, P. echinospora, P. fimeti, P. fuliginea, P. howsei, P. lobulata, P. michelii, P. micropus, P. moseri, P. nivalis, P. proteana f. sparassoides, P. repanda, P. saniosa, P. sepiatra, P. succosa, P. succosella, P. tenacella, P. varia and P. vesiculosa. Two species — P. alaskana and P. lobulata — are reported for the first time in Israel. Israeli locations and collection dates, habitat data, general distribution, and taxonomic remarks are provided for all species. Detailed macro- and micromorphological descriptions and illustrations are given for the two species newly recorded from Israel