Note sur une récolte française de Nodulosphaeria robusta et mise au point nomenclaturale sur Cryptodiaporthe salicella

Leroy P., Lafont J.-P.

Vol. 2 (2) – 14 August 2010

doi: 10.25664/art-0024

 Open Access


Abstract: Nodulosphaeria robusta (Strasser) L. Holm is a rare species growing on Senecio stems. A description is provided on the occasion of a recent collection, made in France, where the species had not been previously reporded. Cryptodiaporthe salicella (Fr. : Fr.) Petr. is frequently collected on willows, but rarely well determined because of nomenclatural confusions. The valid combinations for C. salicella and two closely related species of Cryptodiaporthe are presented and discussed


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