Tuber thracicum

Coll. SOMF30882
Coll. SOMF30882
© M. Slavova

Tuber thracicum Slavova, M. Leonardi, A. Paz, Assyov & Pacioni, Index Fung., 556: 1 (2023).


Basionym Tuber thracicum Slavova, M. Leonardi, A. Paz, Assyov & Pacioni, Index Fung., 556: 1 (2023).

Diagnosis Ascomata globose, sometimes hollow at the base, reddish-brown with greyish tint to blackish; peridium with moderately pronounced irregular warts with truncated apex; gleba compact, marbled, at maturity with brownish violaceous tint; sterile veins cream, sometimes reddening or with somewhat cottony appearance. Odour of bitter almonds; flavour nutty. Peridium thick, two-layered. Asci 1–4-spored, rarely with 5–6 spores. Ascospores ellipsoid to subglobose, up to 50 × 34 μm, dark brown, with up to 4 μm long, rarely up to 6·5 μm, fragile, often curved spines.

Type SOMF 30882 - holotypus

MycoBank 901210


Slavova M., Leonardi M., Iotti M., Paz-Conde A., Assyov B., Pacioni G. 2023. Tuber thracicum Slavova, M. Leonardi, A. Paz, Assyov & Pacioni, sp. nov. Index Fungorum, 556: 1.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 21/11/2023.

Updated on 21/11/2023.


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