Tuber sinomonosporum
Coll. BJTC FAN150
Coll. BJTC FAN150
© L. Fan

Tuber sinomonosporum J.Z. Cao & L. Fan, Index Fung., 199: 1 (2014).


Basionym Paradoxa sinensis L. Fan & J.Z. Cao, Mycotaxon, 120: 473 (2012).

Diagnosis Differs from Paradoxa monospora by its yellowish to yellow-brown ascomata and larger ascospores. Type: China. Yunnan Province, Kunming, from the local mushroom market. 20 Dec. 2010, Jin-Zhong Cao 113 (Holotype, BJTC FAN150).

Type BJTC FAN150 - holotypus

MycoBank 550860


Fan L., Cao J.Z., Li Y. 2012. Tuber microsphaerosporum and Paradoxa sinensis spp. nov. Mycotaxon, 120: 471-475. 
Fan L., Feng S., Cao J.Z. 2014. The phylogenetic position of Tuber glabrum sp. nov. and T. sinomonosporum nom. nov., two Paradoxa-like truffle species from China. Mycological Progress, 13 (2): 241-246. 

Classification Tuberaceae, Tuber

CreatedDate 26/03/2018.

UpdatedDate 26/03/2018.

Tuber sinomonosporum

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