Tuber pulchrosporum

Coll. VN091
Coll. VN091
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Tuber pulchrosporum Konstantinidis, Tsampazis, Slavova, Nakkas, Polemis, Fryssouli & Zervakis, MycoKeys, 47: 40 (2019).


Basionym Tuber pulchrosporum Konstantinidis, Tsampazis, Slavova, Nakkas, Polemis, Fryssouli & Zervakis, MycoKeys, 47: 40 (2019).

Diagnosis Ascomata 0.6–7(–10) cm in diam., subglobose, ovoid to irregularly lobed, usually with shallow basal cavity, surface with fissures and small, dense, almost flat trihedral to polyhedral warts, yellowish-brown to dark brown. Ascospores 25.0–37.0 × 18.2–25.6 μm in (1–)2–8-spored asci, ellipsoid to subfusiform on average, Qm=1.4, crested to incompletely reticulate. Hair-like, hyaline to light yellow-brown hyphae protruding from peridium surface.
T. panniferum, the closest phylogenetically-related species, produces smaller ascospores (23–26 × 18–20 μm), broadly ellipsoid to subglobose on average, with isolated warts; moreover, the peridium surface is woolly-felted due to the presence of dense rusty brown hair-like hyphae.

Type ACAM 2016-007 - holotypus

MycoBank 828883


Polemis E., Konstantinidis G., Fryssouli V., Slavova M., Tsampazis T., Nakkas V., Assyov B., Kaounas V., Zervakis G.I. 2019. Tuber pulchrosporum sp. nov., a black truffle of the Aestivum clade (Tuberaceae, Pezizales) from the Balkan peninsula. MycoKeys, 47: 35-51.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 22/02/2019.

Updated on 11/08/2023.


Collections List

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27/04/2016, leg. V. Nakkas
2016-007 (ACAM)
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2010-127 (ACAM)
[BG] Dolishte
07/06/2017, leg. R. Radev
29978 (SOMF)
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09/08/2017, leg. K. Pilasheva & P. Neikov
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10/05/2009, leg. C. Chrysopoulos & K. Giatra
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2013-073 (ACAM)
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18/04/2016, leg. A. Bideris
2016-001 (ACAM)
[GR] Katsimidi
22/03/2016, leg. V. Kaounas
2016-004 (ACAM)
[GR] Neochoropoulo
27/04/2016, leg. V. Nakkas
2016-006 (ACAM)
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