Tuber itzcuinzapotl

Coll. 52-ZON
Coll. 52-ZON
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Tuber itzcuinzapotl J.I. Fuente & Rosales-Rosales, Phytotaxa, 635 (3): 210 (2024).


Basionym Tuber itzcuinzapotl J.I. Fuente & Rosales-Rosales, Phytotaxa, 635 (3): 210 (2024).

Diagnosis The new species differs from other species within the Maculatum clade by its pale brown ascomata, finely granular peridium, composed of subglobose hyphae, forming pyramid-like structures, clavate terminal cells of 11−30 × 6−10 μm, pale brown to gray gleba, and 22−52 × 15−40 μm alveolate ascospores.

Type 52-ZON - holotypus

MycoBank 849871


Fuente J.I., Rosales-Rosales W., Martínez-González C.R., Martínez-Reyes M, Elizondo-Salas A.C., Pérez-Moreno J. 2024. Tuber itzcuinzapotl sp. nov. (Tuberaceae, Pezizomycetes), the first edible truffle reported from Mexico with traditional biocultural importance. Phytotaxa, 635 (3): 206-216.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 03/07/2024.

Updated on 03/07/2024.


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17/04/2023, leg. W. Rosales-Rosales
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