Tuber iranicum

Coll. 09-08-18
Coll. 09-08-18
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Tuber iranicum F. Puliga, M. Illice, M. Iotti, D. Baldo & A. Zambonelli, Mycologia, 112 (2020).


Basionym Tuber iranicum F. Puliga, M. Illice, M. Iotti, D. Baldo & A. Zambonelli, Mycologia, 112 (2020).

Diagnosis The morphological traits that characterize T. iranicum, with respect to other described Tuber species in the Excavatum clade, are grayish brown, brown color of peridium and gleba and spore ornamentations with a large irregular reticulum with long crests spanning the longitudinal axis of the spore (SUPPLEMENTARY TABLE 1)

Type CMI Unibo 4939 - holotypus

MycoBank 833874


Puliga F., Illice M., Iotti M., Baldo D., Zambonelli A. 2020. Tuber iranicum, sp. nov., a truffle species belonging to the Excavatum clade. Mycologia, 112: 1-9.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 30/08/2020.

Updated on 11/08/2023.


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Unibo 4939 (CMI)
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