Tuber flavidosporum

Coll. TFM S16012
Coll. TFM S16012
© H. Sasaki

Tuber flavidosporum H. Sasaki, A. Kinosh. & Nara, Mycoscience, 57 (5): 369 (2016).


Basionym Tuber flavidosporum H. Sasaki, A. Kinosh. & Nara, Mycoscience, 57 (5): 369 (2016).

Diagnosis Ascomata subglobose, light brown to brown, 20 mm in diam. Peridium smooth, two layers, the outer layer pseudoparenchymatous and composed of irregular cells, the inner layer composed of interwoven hyphae. Gleba whitish to pale yellow. Asci 1(–2)-spored, 73–97 × 56–77 mm, obovate to broadly ellipsoid in shape. Ascospores globose, reticulate, light yellow, 32–45 mm in diam excluding reticulate ornaments.

Type TFM: S16012 - holotypus

MycoBank 815830


Kinoshita A., Sasaki H., Nara K. 2016. Two new truffle species, Tuber japonicum and Tuber flavidosporum spp. nov. found from Japan. Mycoscience, 57 (5): 366-373.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 13/02/2019.

Updated on 09/08/2023.


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[JP] Kawasaki
26/11/2006, leg. H. Sasaki
S16012 (TFM)
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