Tuber eburneum

Coll. FLAS-F-65572
Coll. FLAS-F-65572
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Tuber eburneum Lemmond, Healy & M.E. Sm., Mycologia, 114 (3): 577 (2022).


Basionym Tuber eburneum Lemmond, Healy & M.E. Sm., Mycologia, 114 (3): 577 (2022).

Diagnosis Tuber eburneum differs from other species in the Melanosporum clade by its light-colored (vinaceous-buff) peridium, the lack of verrucae on the peridium, a pale ochraceous-buff rather than brownblack gleba at maturity, honey-yellow rather than dark brown ascospores, the presence of beaded peridial hairs, and by DNA sequences. Other features of the spores of T. eburneum, such as their variable shape (subglobose to ellipsoid) and the ornamentation of spines that are not connected at the base, further help to separate this species from other members of the Melanosporum clade.

Type FLAS-F-67910 - holotypus

MycoBank 839047


Lemmond B.R., Healy R., Bonito G., Smith M.E. 2022. Tuber eburneum and Tuber mujicii: New pine-associated Tuber species from eastern North America. Mycologia, 114 (3): 575-586.

Classification: Tuberaceae, Tuber

Created on 14/06/2022.

Updated on 16/08/2023.


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[US] Ames
McFarland Park
08/09/1997, leg. R. Healy
F-67910 (FLAS)
[US] Ames
McFarland Park
03/07/2009, leg. R. Healy
F-65572 (FLAS)
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