Trichophaeopsis asturiensis
Coll. LY NV 2013.06.19
Coll. LY NV 2013.06.19
© N. Van Vooren

Trichophaeopsis asturiensis Van Vooren & M. Vega,, 13 (1): 42 (2021).


Basionym Trichophaeopsis asturiensis Van Vooren & M. Vega,, 13 (1): 42 (2021).

Diagnosis Differs from T. bicuspis by its simple shorter hairs and ascospores slightly shorter on average, as well as a terricolous habitat.

Type NV 2013.06.19 (LY) - holotypus

MycoBank 836275


Van Vooren N., Valencia F.J., Carbone M., Lindemann U., Vega M., Valade F. 2021. Exploring the European Trichophaea-like discomycetes (Pezizales) using morphological, ecological and molecular data., 13 (1): 5-48.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Trichophaeopsis

CreatedDate 05/02/2021.

UpdatedDate 05/02/2021.

Trichophaeopsis asturiensis
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06/06/2013, leg. M. Vega
NV 2013.06.19 (LY)