Trichophaea scutelloides

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Coll. NV 2022.11.00
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Trichophaea scutelloides (Ellis) Van Vooren, Valade & Khomenko,, 15 (4): 120 (2023).


Basionym Peziza scutelloides Ellis, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 9: 18 (1882).

Diagnosis Sessile, 1/8’-1/4’ across, outside sparingly clothed, and margin fringed with dark brown, 1-3-septate hairs ; disk, bright red, as in P. scutellata, L., which this outwardly much resembles; asci cylindrical sessile, .006’×,0007’ ; paraphyses stout, clavate, thickened above and filled with orange-colored granular matter ; sporidia uniseriate, globose, smooth, with a single large nucleus, about .ooo5’ in diameter.
On damp ground, West Chester, Pa., June and July, 1881, Haines, Everhart, Jefferis and Gray, Nos. 165 and 180.

Type Ellis’ North American Fungi, Series I, #838 - MICH 14753 - lectotypus; MICH 352042 - epitypus

Homotypic Sphaerospora scutelloides (Ellis) Sacc., Syll. fung., 8: 188 (1889) ; Sphaerosporula scutelloides (Ellis) Kuntze, Rev. gen. plant., 3 (3): 530 (1898).

Sphaerosporella hinnulea (Berk. & Broome) Rifai, Verh. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. Natuurk., Sect. 2, 57 (3): 100 (1968), fide s. auct..

MycoBank 850044


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Classification: Pyronemataceae, Trichophaea

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