Trichaleurina tenuispora

Coll. 2008-06-07
Coll. 2008-06-07
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Coll. MK200409036
Coll. MK200409036
© M. Kutsuna

Trichaleurina tenuispora M. Carbone, Yei Z. Wang & C.L. Huang,, 5 (5): 149 (2013).


Basionym Trichaleurina tenuispora M. Carbone, Yei Z. Wang & C.L. Huang,, 5 (5): 149 (2013).

Diagnosis It differs from Trichaleurina javanica in more slender, often inequilateral ascospores which are also more homogeneous in size within the ascus. It differs from the known Galiella species in having two kinds of external hairs, one of which is warted.

Type TNM F10376 - holotypus

Sarcosoma celebicum (Henn.) Sacc. & P. Syd., Syll. fung., 16: 771 (1902), s. Boedijn (1932).
Galiella javanica (Rehm) Nannf. & Korf, in Korf, Mycologia, 49 (1): 108 (1957), s. Wang (2011).

MycoBank 804974


Boedijn K.B. 1932. The genus Sarcosoma in Netherlands India. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg, 12 (2): 273-279.
Carbone M., Wang Y.Z., Huang C.L. 2013. Studies in Trichaleurina (Pezizales). Type studies of Trichaleurina polytricha and Urnula philippinarum. The status of Sarcosoma javanicum, Bulgaria celebica, and Trichaleurina tenuispora sp. nov., with notes on the anamorphic genus Kumanasamuha., 5 (5): 137-153.
Wang Y.Z. 2011. The sarcosomataceous discomycetes in Taiwan. Fungal Science, 26 (1): 49-56.

Classification: Chorioactidaceae, Trichaleurina

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Collections List

[CN] Kunming
Kunming Institute of Botany
08/10/2005, leg. Z.L. Yang
49443 (HKAS)
[CN] Kunming
Heilongtan Park
16/08/2008, leg. Z.L. Yang
54453 (HKAS)
Holotype of O. bicolor
[CN] Kunming
Xishan Scenic Area
15/09/2012, leg. T. Guo
81819 (HKAS)
Holotype of O. pruinosa
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