Thecotheus platyapiculatus
Coll. CNF 2/8950
Coll. CNF 2/8950
© I. Kušan

Thecotheus platyapiculatus I. Kušan & Matočec, Sydowia, 67: 52 (2015).


Basionym Thecotheus platyapiculatus I. Kušan & Matočec, Sydowia, 67: 52 (2015).

Diagnosis Differs from the most similar species Thecotheus keithii (W. Phillips) Aas by consistently flat, plateshaped apiculi 0.2–0.7 μm high, (0.5)1.9–2.8 μm wide; in prevalence of slightly heteropolar and/or bilaterally symmetrical ascospores; markedly strangulate asci and turbinate apothecia with pinkish tinges when fresh. Paraphyses with inflated tips contain subhyaline vacuolar bodies lacking internal pigments and/or pigmented encrustations. Medullary excipulum comparatively thinner than in T. keithii, without globose to subglobose and much wider elongate cells, composed only of narrow hyphae up to 5 μm in diam.

Type CNF 2/8950 - holotypus

MycoBank 811273


Kušan I., Matočec N., Mesic A., Tkalcec Z. 2015. A new species of Thecotheus from Croatia with a key to the known species with apiculate spores. Sydowia, 67: 51-63.

Classification Ascobolaceae, Thecotheus

CreatedDate 25/03/2018.

UpdatedDate 25/03/2018.

Thecotheus platyapiculatus
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11/06/2011, leg. I. Kušan & N. Matočec
2/8950 (CNF)