Terracavicola echinospora
Coll. FLAS 63750
Coll. FLAS 63750
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Terracavicola echinospora A. Grupe, Kraisit., Guevara & M.E. Sm., Ascomycete.org, 11 (2): 41 (2019).


Basionym Terracavicola echinospora A. Grupe, Kraisit., Guevara & M.E. Sm., Ascomycete.org, 11 (2): 41 (2019).

Diagnosis A hypogeous, creamy-tan to light brown truffle-like ascoma with a roughened peridium that is covered by copious brown hairs (setae) that are branched and textured microscopically, the presence of a weak epithecium which covers the hymenium and prevents active discharge of the ascospores, ascospores that are weakly spinose, and unique iTs and 28s dnA sequences.

Type ex Trappe 19275, FLAS 63750 - holotypus

MycoBank 828995


Grupe II A.C., Kraisitudomsook N., Healy R., Zelmanovich D., Anderson C., Guevara G., Trappe J., Smith M.E. 2019. A new species and a new combination of truffle-like fungi in the Geopora-Tricharina lineage from North America: Terracavicola echinospora gen. et sp. nov. and Geopora lateritia comb. nov. Ascomycete.org, 11 (2): 37-47.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Terracavicola

CreatedDate 09/04/2019.

UpdatedDate 09/04/2019.

Terracavicola echinospora
Collections Detail
[MX] Zaragoza
24/06/1985, leg. G. Guevara
63748 (FLAS)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[MX] Cadereyta de Montes
23/09/1996, leg. M. Castellano & J. Trappe
63750 (FLAS)
Source: Ascomycete.org