Tarzetta sepultarioides
Coll. NV 2017.08.03 (LY)
Coll. NV 2017.08.03 (LY)
© N. Van Vooren

Tarzetta sepultarioides Van Vooren, Ascomycete.org, 11 (6): 326 (2019).


Basionym Tarzetta sepultarioides Van Vooren, Ascomycete.org, 11 (6): 326 (2019).

Diagnosis Differs from other sessile Tarzetta spp. by its ascus base often enlarged or with a protuberance (as if it was pleurorhynchous).

Type NV 2017.08.03 (LY) - holotypus

MycoBank 833297


Van Vooren N., Carbone M., Sammut C., Grupe A.C. 2019. Preliminary notes on the genus Tarzetta (Pezizales) with typifications of some species and description of six new species. Ascomycete.org, 11 (6): 309-334.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Tarzetta

CreatedDate 19/02/2020.

UpdatedDate 19/02/2020.

Tarzetta sepultarioides
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NV 2017.08.03 (LY)
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