Tarzetta oblongispora

coll. TUR-A 216572
coll. TUR-A 216572
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Tarzetta oblongispora M. Carbone, S. Saitta, L. Sánchez, García Blanco & Van Vooren, Ascomycete.org, 15 (3): 86 (2023).


Basionym Tarzetta oblongispora M. Carbone, S. Saitta, L. Sánchez, García Blanco & Van Vooren, Ascomycete.org, 15 (3): 86 (2023).

Diagnosis Besides its genetic profile, it differs from the other Tarzetta species by its oblong ascospores with a mean Q-value ≥ 2.0

Type TUR-A 216572 - holotypus

MycoBank 849793


Carbone M., Saitta S., Sánchez L., García Blanco A., Van Vooren N. 2023. Tarzetta oblongispora (Pezizales, Tarzettaceae), a new species from the Mediterranean basin, and new records of Tarzetta based on an updated phylogeny. Ascomycete.org, 15 (3): 85-99.

Classification: Tarzettaceae, Tarzetta

Created on 13/09/2023.

Updated on 13/09/2023.


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