Strobiloscypha cupressina

Coll. 2013-12-20
Coll. 2013-12-20
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Coll. NV 2006.12.06

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Strobiloscypha cupressina Perić & Pfister, Mycol. Monten., 16: 9 (2014).


Basionym Strobiloscypha cupressina Perić & Pfister, Mycol. Monten., 16: 9 (2014).

Diagnosis This species is similar to S. keliae in the morphology of the sterile tissues of the ascomata, the pigmentation of the hymenium and hairs; both species have brown pigments that encrust the cells of the outer excipulum. The species differ in that S. cupressina has ascospores that are smaller than those of S. keliae, are more acute at the poles, have smooth walls and contain discrete lipid bodies. Both species occur on fallen twigs and cones of members of the Cupressaceae.

Type FH 00377333 - holotypus

MycoBank 809574


Perić B., LoBuglio K.F., Pfister D.H. 2014. The genus Strobiloscypha: a new species and an unresolved phylogenetic placement. Mycologia Montenegrina, 16: 7-22.
Slavova M., Assyov B., Martínez G. 2021. Raros е interesantes ascomicetos cupresícolas de Bulgaria, Grecia y España. Yesca, 33: 144-157.

Classification: Chorioactidaceae, Strobiloscypha

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Updated on 07/08/2023.


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