Smardaea isoldae

Coll. ENCB R. Valenzuela 18324
Coll. ENCB R. Valenzuela 18324
© R. Valenzuela

Smardaea isoldae Raymundo & R. Valenz., Mycotaxon, 136: 98 (2021).


Basionym Smardaea isoldae Raymundo & R. Valenz., Mycotaxon, 136: 98 (2021).

Diagnosis Differs from Smardaea amethystina by its olive green, greyish green, dark green to olive brown hymenium; its larger ascospores; and its habitat on dead wood in a tropical cloud forest.

Type R. Valenzuela 18324 (ENCB) - holotypus

MycoBank 830585


Raymundo T., Valenzuela R. 2021. Smardaea isoldae sp. nov. From a tropical cloud forest in Mexico. Mycotaxon, 136: 97-106.

Classification: Pyropyxidaceae, Smardaea

Created on 08/05/2021.

Updated on 14/08/2023.


Collections List

[CN] Huairou
28/08/2020, leg. G.Q. Chen
C505 (BJTC)
[CN] Dahaituo
Dahaituo nature reserve
22/08/2019, leg. J.Q. Li
L482 (BJTC)
[CN] Chifeng
Saihanwula Nature reserve
02/09/2008, leg. T.Z. Liu, H.M. Zhou & C. Sun
188468 (HMAS)
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