Saccobolus minimus

Coll. #7636 (leg. T. Richter)
Coll. #7636 (leg. T. Richter)
© M. Reul
Coll. #7636 (leg. T. Richter)
Coll. #7636 (leg. T. Richter)
© M. Reul

Saccobolus minimus Velen., Monogr. Discomyc. Bohem., 1: 370 (1934).


Basionym Saccobolus minimus Velen., Monogr. Discomyc. Bohem., 1: 370 (1934).

Diagnosis Taf. V, 26. Ap. 0,1–0,2 mm. Gregaria, crasse discina, sessilia, glabra, melina, vitreo-pellucida. As. 50 × 15, ctylindrici, truncati, strangulati, basi breviter pedicellati, par. simpl. filif. (2), apice rectae, haud crassiores, luteae. Sp. 10–13, inaequaliter ellipticae, violaceae, laeves, in glomerulum oblongum cohaerentes.
In fimis caprinis prope Mnichovice octob. 1927. – Oculo nudo inconspicuus.

Type PRM 150081 - holotypus

MycoBank 271257


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Classification: Ascobolaceae, Saccobolus

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