Saccobolus globuliferellus

Coll. 2018-11 (leg. T. Richter)
Coll. 2018-11 (leg. T. Richter)
© M. Reul
Coll. 2018-11 (leg. T. Richter)
Coll. 2018-11 (leg. T. Richter)
© M. Reul

Saccobolus globuliferellus Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-Fungi (Opercul.): 95 (1928).


Basionym Saccobolus globuliferellus Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-Fungi (Opercul.): 95 (1928).

Diagnosis Apothecia widely scattered, minute, scarcely visible, not exceeding 0.3 mm. in diameter, milk-white; hymenium becoming convex, at first white like the outside of the apothecium, finally dotted over with the ends of the asci which appear black on account of the dark-colored spores; asci broad-ovoid above, tapering below into a stem-like base, reaching a length of 60 µ and a diameter of 23-25 µ, 8-spored; spore-mass nearly rounded, about 23 × 20 µ; spores at first loosely disposed in the ascus, finally collecting into the loosely united spore-mass, ellipsoid, at first hyaline, later assuming a faded-blue color which finally changes to smoky-blackish, becoming sculptured, 7 × 12-14 µ; spore-sculpturing consisting of minute scattered warts; paraphyses branched, rather strongly enlarged above where they reach a diameter of 7-8 µ, hyaline.
On horse dung.

Type NY 00914988 - holotypus

MycoBank 266137


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Classification: Ascobolaceae, Saccobolus

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