Saccobolus caesariatus

Coll. 2019-04-22
Coll. 2019-04-22
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Saccobolus caesariatus Renny, in Phillips, Man. Brit. Discom.: 297 (1887).


Basionym Saccobolus caesariatus Renny, in Phillips, Man. Brit. Discom.: 297 (1887).

Diagnosis Minute, hemisphaerical, white, clothed with colourless, septate, slender, flexuous hairs; hymenium convex, papillate from the exserted asci; asci bradly clavate; sporidia elliptic, purple, smooth, enclosed in a common hyaline sac; paraphyses filiform, rather stout, simple, or branched.

Type Renny's drawing (BM) - lectotypus

MycoBank 148156


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Classification: Ascobolaceae, Saccobolus

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