Ruhlandiella lophozoniae
Coll. CORD-C-6465
Coll. CORD-C-6465
© R. Healy

Ruhlandiella lophozoniae Kraisit., Pfister, Healy & M.E. Sm., Mycologia, 111: 8 (2019).


Basionym: Ruhlandiella lophozoniae Kraisit., Pfister, Healy & M.E. Sm., Mycologia, 111: 8 (2019).

Diagnosis: Ascomata hypogeous, exothecial, asci 180–230 × 20–36 μm, inamyloid, ascospores globose, 15–22 μm, reticulate, pale brown, ornamentation up to 8 μm high, paraphyses covered with gelatinous sheath, ascomata and spore mats rare, found in Nothofagaceae forests near Lophozonia trees.

Type: CORD-C-6465 - holotypus

MycoBank 834730


Kraisitudomsook N., Healy R.A., Mujic A.B., Pfister D.H., Nouhra E.R., Smith M.E. 2019. Systematic study of truffles in the genus Ruhlandiella, with the description of two new species from Patagonia. Mycologia, 111: 1-16.


Classification Pezizaceae, Ruhlandiella

CreatedDate 28/05/2019.

UpdatedDate 28/05/2019.

Ruhlandiella lophozoniae
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[AR] Lanín National Park
N of Lago Lacar
18/05/2015, leg. M.E. Smith & R.A. Healy
C-6465 (CORD)