Pyropyxis rubra

Coll. Kh-3353
Coll. Kh-3353
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Coll. 2015-07-13
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C. Peck
C. Peck

Pyropyxis rubra (Peck) Egger, Can. J. Bot., 62 (4): 705 (1984).


Basionym Peziza rubra Peck, Ann. Rep. New York Stat. Mus. Nat. Hist., 24: 95 (1872).

Diagnosis Cup subglobose, at length hemispherical ; mouth narrow, often irregular ; spores broadly elliptical, without any nucleus ; plant smooth, red throughout, 2''-3" in diameter.
Burnt ground. Top of the Highlands. June. (Plate 2, figs. 19-21.)

Type ex herb. Peck (NYS) - holotypus

MycoBank 106576


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Classification: Pyropyxidaceae, Pyropyxis

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