Pulvinula tetraspora

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Pulvinula tetraspora (Hansf.) Rifai, Verh. K. ned. Akad. Wet., tweede sect., 57 (3): 207 (1968).


Basionym Lamprospora tetraspora Hansf., Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W., 79 (3-4): 126 (1954).

Diagnosis Apothecia gregaria, usque ad 5 mm. diam., cupulata vel subdiscoidea, flavida, carnosa, margine crassa, regulare; extus levia, concolorata. Asci cylindracei, breviter stipitati, usque ad 180 × 17–19 µ, operculati, (2)-4-(5)-spori. Sporae 1-seriatae, globosae, hyalinae, leves, 15–17 µ diam., grosse 1-guttulatae. Paraphyses numerosae, filiformes, indistincte septatae, circa 2 µ cr., apice haud incrassatae.
Hab. in terra, Milson Island, Hawksbury R., New South Wales, May 1915, J. B. Cleland, WARI 2737.

Type ex WARI 2737 - K(M) - holotypus

Pulvinula etiolata (Cooke) Le Gal, Discom. Madagascar: 91 (1953), s. Le Gal, fide Rifai (1968).

MycoBank 338044


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Classification: Pulvinulaceae, Pulvinula

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