Pseudoplectania africana

Coll. PRM 954013
Coll. PRM 954013
© Z. Sochorová

Pseudoplectania africana M. Carbone & Sochorová, Bothalia, 52 (1): 4 (2022).


Basionym Pseudoplectania africana M. Carbone & Sochorová, Bothalia, 52 (1): 4 (2022).

Diagnosis Differs from other Pseudoplectania species in a combination of the following characters: shortly stipitate or sessile, brown to black, sometimes olivetinged apothecia up to 18 mm in diameter, richly developed basal tomentum; smooth ascospores having an eccentrically positioned, relatively small sheath, straight, often bifurcate paraphyses, wavy to coiled external hairs and presence of large yellow crystals mainly in hymenium and ectal excipulum.

Type PRM 954013 - holotypus

MycoBank 838266


Sochorová Z., Carbone M., Sedlářová M., Polhorský A., Sochor M. 2022. Pseudoplectania africana (Sarcosomataceae, Pezizales), a new species from South Africa. Bothalia, 52 (1): 1-15.

Classification: Sarcosomataceae, Pseudoplectania

Created on 14/03/2022.

Updated on 16/08/2023.


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[NZ] Ōkaihau
01/08/2021, leg. D. O'Halloran

Source: iNaturalist
[VN] Di Linh
09/1907, leg. Eberhardt
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