Pseudoplectania affinis

Coll. PDD 81842
Coll. PDD 81842
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Pseudoplectania affinis M. Carbone, Agnello & P. Alvarado,, 6 (1): 27 (2014).


Basionym Pseudoplectania affinis M. Carbone, Agnello & P. Alvarado,, 6 (1): 27 (2014).

Diagnosis Differs morphologically from Pseudoplectania nigrella and allied species mainly for the straight external hairs; from P. melaena for the smaller size of apothecia, the lack of a stipe, and not curved paraphyses tips.

Type PDD 81842 - holotypus

MycoBank 807952


Carbone M., Agnello C., Alvarado P. 2014. Phylogenetic and morphological studies in the genus Pseudoplectania (Ascomycota, Pezizales)., 6 (1): 17-33.

Classification: Sarcosomataceae, Pseudoplectania

Created on 19/05/2015.

Updated on 01/08/2023.


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19/05/2016, leg. T. Clements
TAC 1376 
Source: Mushroom Observer
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Grand Canyon National Park
21/05/2017, leg. T. Clements & D.M. Fulton
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