Plectania harnischii
Coll. TUR-A 209455
Coll. TUR-A 209455
© A. Parker

Plectania harnischii M. Carbone, Agnello, A.D. Parker & P. Alvarado,, 13 (6): 218 (2021).


Basionym Plectania harnischii M. Carbone, Agnello, A.D. Parker & P. Alvarado,, 13 (6): 218 (2021).

Diagnosis Besides its genetic profile, it differs from the very similar Plectania melastoma and P. zugazae by its thinner ascospores with a higher Q-value.

Type TUR-A 195785 - holotypus

MycoBank 841928


Carbone M., Agnello C., Parker A., Alvarado P. 2021. Plectania harnischii, a new North American species of the Plectania melastoma lineage (Pezizales, Sarcosomataceae)., 13 (6): 217-226.

Classification Sarcosomataceae, Plectania

CreatedDate 30/11/2021.

UpdatedDate 30/11/2021.

Plectania harnischii

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

Collections Detail
[US] Heron
Cedar Creek Trail
31/07/2011, leg. J. Harnisch
195785 (TUR-A)
[US] Pend Oreille
06/08/2021, leg. A. Parker
F-074325 (WTU)
[US] Clackamas
Trillium Lake
30/05/2015, leg. A. Parker
209455 (TUR-A)
[US] Skamania
Gifford Pinchot National Forest
01/07/1999, leg. J. Lindgren
F-17179 (WTU)
[US] Whatcom
East Creek Trail
06/05/1999, leg. M. T. Seidl & J.F. Ammirati
F-17145 (WTU)